About us

Feedback EU is an environmental organization working to transform our food system. To do this, we challenge power, catalyse action and empower people to achieve positive change.

Already in 2013 Feedback Global was founded in the United Kingdom to address issues within the food system. In April 2022, Feedback EU was founded to broaden Feedback Global’s impact in Europe, and strengthen the involvement with EU food policy development, civil society coalitions, and funders to create change within EU governments, EU institutions, supermarkets, livestock companies and investors, many of them based in Europe. Even though we work as indepedent organization, we cross-fertilise with our sister organization and collaborate with the cool team over there

A more sustainable food system?

Food production is the single greatest impact humans have on the environment. From mountains of food waste, to habitat destruction to clear land to grow animal feed for factory farms, to soil depletion leaving future harvests at risk: the food system needs to change. Humans are using too many limited natural resources, and producing too much waste and pollution. But we believe we can secure nutritious and delicious food for everyone, without trashing our planet. Read about how we envision a sustainable food system.

How we work to get there?

To move towards a food system that nourishes both people and our planet will require significant changes to our food culture, the food economy and its governance. We are seeking to bring about these changes through a unique combination of campaigning and advocacy, citizen engagement and pilot programmes.

We expose systemic problems that have led to unsustainable use of resources within the food system. We act as a critical friend to industry and policy makers or, when more appropriate, we launch creative campaigns to achieve the changes that we seek.We build coalitions with other civil society groups, mobilising activists around our agenda.

When solutions cannot be achieved with changes to current organisations, models and practices, we hope to roll up our sleeves and pilot alternatives in the future, because through these pilots, we can demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of a new food economy, and enable replication of our success around the globe through training, toolkits and engaging with citizens, civil society allies and change makers far and wide.

Legislative information

We are happy to have received an ANBI-status for our organization. We, as Stichting Feedback EU, were officially founded on August 11, 2021. You can call us Feedback EU though, that’s our public name. If you’re interested, you can read our EU Policy Plan. Below we have already sorted out the most important legislative information for you.

The contact person for these matters is Frank Mechielsen, who can be reached at frank@feedbackglobal.org


Feedback EU has a board to oversee the management’s policy and general affairs of the foundation. You can read about them here. The day-to-day operations are managed by Frank Mechielsen, the Head of Feedback EU.

Our annual reports can be found here:
Annual report 2022
Annual report 2023

Financial arrangements

Feedback EU is a non-profit making organisation, and its income will be used solely to achieve its charitable objectives. The members of the board receive no financial reward, but may claim reasonable expenses incurred while carrying out their duties as part of the board.

The financial year runs from 1 January until 31 December (calendar years). For further details see Feedback EU Policy Plan.


Feedback Global is the initial donor to Feedback EU and has covered the costs of establishment. An initial investment was secured from Feedback Global, its partner organisation in the UK, for the inception phase in 2021, as their overarching charitable objectives and mission are aligned. For 2022 and 2023 it is expected Feedback Global will continue to be the main donor for Feedback EU.

Feedback Global has a long history of working in partnership with European organisations, including through long-term Horizon 2020 partnerships, events, and campaigns like the Flavour Project, and we are excited to have the opportunity to deepen and build on these alliances in collaboration with our European friends and allies.

Feedback EU will build upon the networks and experience of Feedback Global to develop programmes and a  fundraising strategy to secure funding from foundations and philanthropic organisations, national and international government agencies. Feedback EU will also consider public fundraising initiatives, such as donations, crowdfunding,  legacies and fundraising campaigns.