Our mission

We want to take good care of, protect and improve the environment, especially in the areas of biodiversity, sustainable land use, promotion of sustainable development and the wise use of resources. We do this through independent research in collaboration with others, campaigning and executing projects to address environmental and poverty issues.

Our strategy

We fund and support research, campaigns and transformative practices to replace destructive, unhealthy food patterns with resilient, equitable and regional food economies that deliver delicious, nutritious and widely accessible food that counteract climate change, make room for nature and reduce the risk of future pandemics. We are executing this strategy in collaboration with other food citizen organizations and movements to change the food system in Europe and beyond.


less meat, dairy and carnivorous farmed fish produced & consumed in the EU

less food waste in and by the EU

more vibrant local food economies in the EU

What do we mean by that? We want less land and less oceans worldwide to be used to produce proteins and essential micronutrients for the EU and other high-income industrialized countries. Through our industrial meat research and campaigns, we aim to reduce meat and dairy consumption, reduce farmed fish consumption and expose Big Livestock’s greenwashing.