Presentation annual report 2023

In this second year of operation, we achieved a lot as Feedback EU, in close collaboration with our sister organisation Feedback Global, based in the UK. We further built legitimacy for our campaign asks in relation to less and better meat, targeting supermarkets, big meat and dairy companies, financial institutions, the Dutch government and the EU.

We further developed our campaigns on biomethane with a win at EU level at the end of last year, and on farmed fish, resulting in the publication of our Blue Empire report at the start of this year. Furthermore we achieved new funding to start new campaigns on trade justice and food sovereignty, food justice and food environment.

Our peer credibility, partnerships, networks, and coalition presence in the Netherlands and Europe continues to grow. A joint NGO position and building alliances with other stakeholders who aim for a real food system transition is necessary in these turbulent times. Loud farmer protests causing EU and Dutch policymakers to roll back the few safeguards to preserve our land and biodiversity and reduce the food emissions under the EU Green Deal. We need a fair deal that addresses the systemic issues responsible for our current unhealthy, unfair and unsustainable food system.

Feedback EU ended 2023 with a strong position for 2024 in which we will be more than doubling our funding support, from Euro 296,316 in 2023 to a projected income of Euro 771,000 in 2024 of which Euro 370,000 for sub-grants for European partners. Our team has grown from 4 to 5 staff members, one of them based in Brussels to implement our EU level advocacy. Read the complete report here.

I like to thank our team and board for the excellent work to contribute to our mission.

Frank Mechielsen,
Executive Director Feedback EU