Our Campaigns

Our food is controlled by corporations that prioritise profit over protecting the environment or feeding people healthy food. This is having devastating consequences, which we urgently need to address. Find out the ways we are taking action.

Bad Energy

Bad Energy

Green Gas Without The Hot Air

Unfair Competition and Trade

Unfair Competition and Trade

Halting the plunder paradigm

Industrial Meat

Industrial meat is threatening our climate and our health. We need less and better meat.

Valse Bingo

Supermarkten spelen vals!

Roekeloze Rabo

Roekeloze taferelen door de Rabobank

De Minder Vlees Race

Klaar voor de start? Af!

Meat Us Halfway

How do the big retailers rate when it comes to tackling the climate footprint of their meat and dairy?

Big Livestock vs. The Planet

The campaign to expose the investors and banks providing Big Livestock with its financial fodder

Food Waste

Feedback’s founding issue. One third of food produced around the world is wasted. Find out what we’re doing to tackle the food waste scandal.

No Time To Waste

There's no time to waste

Farmed Fish

Think farmed fish means sustainable protein? In reality 22% of wild fisheries capture is used for animal feed, and aquaculture pollutes local waters in pristine environments such as Scotland.

Our Fish, Notre Poisson

Tackling industrial fishmeal and fish oil production in West Africa