Growing Attention for Biomethane Sustainability Issues

30th Nov 23 by Vera Hoveling

Our recent report on biomethane has sparked a surge in awareness on the sustainability issues surrounding scaling up biomethane production.

Our recent report on biomethane has sparked a surge in awareness on the sustainability issues considered with scaling up biomethane production and use. The ripple effect has reached international media outlets, including features in international media outlets. Beyond media coverage, the European Biogas Association has weighed in, addressing our report through an open letter. Responding transparently, we have initiated a public dialogue to address concerns. Moreover we have written a joint letter to EU member states’ representatives, collectively advocating for rejection of the high EU biomethane target, backed by – amongst others – GreenPeace and Oxfam.

Media Recognition and Biogas Association’s Open Letter:

Our report has transcended national boundaries, gaining noteworthy recognition in various countries through esteemed publications such as Euractiv, the Greek press, Italian press and Polish press. Furthermore, the European Biogas Association has taken notice of our findings, seeking dialogue through an open letter. We have promptly addressed their concerns and made our response transparent for all stakeholders. Read our full response to the European Biogas Association’s open letter here.

NGO Coalition Calls for Rejection of High EU Biomethane Target:

Adding momentum to the conversation, a joint letter calling for the rejection of the high EU biomethane target has been sent to EU Member States Representatives. This collaborative effort has gained significant support from a growing number of NGOs, with the latest endorsement coming from none other than Oxfam.  The mounting support signifies a shared commitment to addressing the sustainability challenges posed by the current biomethane trajectory. Our joint letter is now co-signed by seventeen NGO’s:

Invitation: Biomethane Webinar December 6th

In light of the interest and the critical need for a nuanced understanding, we extend an invitation to all stakeholders to join our upcoming webinar on 6 December (3-5pm CET). The webinar is entitled “Biomethane: Considerations for setting a target fit for the climate and for our food system”. The session will provide a comprehensive exploration of the sustainability challenges associated with biomethane and aims to add independent and scientific perspectives to the debate around the high EU biomethane target.

We will have two presentations and time for discussion. Andreas Graf of Agora Energiewende will present key findings of their “Breaking free from fossil gas” report which is based on detailed sectoral modelling of the energy, buildings and industry sectors, and shows that Europe can structurally reduce the consumption of fossil gas by an amount that is equivalent to gas imports from Russia before the war in Ukraine. Karen Luyckx will present the findings of the research for Feedback EU into the feedstock assumptions behind the 35bcm biomethane target.

We look forward to an open discussion based on scientific evidence. To register for the webinar, please use this link.

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