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Conference room with people and screen saying: "Extinction or Regeneration:

Extinction or Regeneration? We choose the latter.

25th May 23 by Ayuk Bakia & Anneke Boersma

What did we take home from the Extinction or Regeneration conference organised by Compassion in World Farming & iPES Food?

After two wonderful Strategy Days with Feedback Global in London, we gathered our luggage to take the tube to the next part of our journey. We walked along the Thames, passed the Big Ben and took some pictures of Westminster to end up at the Queen Elizabeth II centre. As we had our first cup of coffee, we looked at a big screen where Jane Goodall welcomed us with a big smile and strong words about the urgency of the climate crisis and how food can be an instrumental part in fighting back its negative effects. She was one of the first to speak during the Extinction or Regeneration conference organised by Compassion in World Farming and iPES FOOD. Over the course of two days, we were united with other climate organisations, animal welfare organisations, activists, community champions and pioneers from the food industry to talk all things food. More specifically, we came together to determine course of action: what is the way forward, to regeneration? 

After two days with many different conversations and impressions, one specific message lingered. As Vandana Shiva put plainly during as panel talk: ”This food system is destined to kill.” We concluded that extinction will be our destiny, unless we stop prioritizing profit above people. We can head towards regeneration. 

When food is not seen as a commodity. 

When prices are not something to speculate about. 

When justice takes center stage. 

When farmers rather than big corporations can decide what and how to produce. 

When banks stop financing intensive farming. 

When the transition towards more agroecological farming practices is made risk free and easy.  

When money and responsibilities are fairly distributed throughout the value chain.  

When we come together. 

When we fight (neo)colonialism.  

When we diversify crops and voices. 

When food is seen as a solution. 

What can you do next?
Wanna get a glimpse?

We made a short video for you to grasp an idea of the two days!

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